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A Humble Reminder

For years, my mentors pushed me to start a blog. "No- I hate to read and write," I would say. But here I am.

I made my decision to be a reporter in college. I was the confused student- who cared more about escaping the strict rules of home for freedom.

To be honest- my decision to be a broadcaster was like an episode of The Cosby Show. My boyfriend at the time was a Mass Communication major, and I spent lots of my free time with him in the studio.

I was a fan of the department but I wanted to make money. I chose to major in public relations, but in my heart I wanted to be a news anchor. "It's a tough field to break in and the checks are small," I would remind myself.

My mom retired as a major in the St. Louis Police Department. She was the first black woman and sometimes the first woman to achieve many of the ranks there. Even though she was amazing at what she did- she was stressed each and every day. I felt the stress and I knew- I never wanted to go to work and hate my job.

She was my inspiration for becoming a broadcast journalist.

Even in college I wanted to be the go to person. I wanted to get answers that no one else could. I wanted to go places- that the average person could not. In fact, thats what drives me even today.

In the case of Mike Brown. I saw pictures on Instagram. My now husbands friends asked what was going on. They had all seen pictures of Brown laying in the street and his dad holding a sign saying police shot his unarmed teen.

I wanted to get answers for my social media friends, and for Brown's family. I also wanted to help out the weekend crew at KMOV.

My job is more than exhausting. Most days I work 9:00-6:30p and in the middle of the week I switch to a 4am-12p shift. I don't stop moving until the day is over.

The fun part is seeing your work at the end of the day. A story that I dug up, and gathered the characters. Something meaningful that will hopefully help just one person. That's why I do what I do.

Sometimes I forget why I started this path. I hope blogging becomes an outlet. A humble reminder of how and why I became Brittany Noble Jones.

So here is the link to my very first resume tape that I made at Alcorn State University. I came so far LOL but I have a long way to go

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