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Being Blackish

My brother Jared is 8 years younger than me, Jordan is only 17.

They came to visit one evening. We cooked and then watched Blackish. I absolutely love the new TV show. I laugh the entire episode.

I admit I wanted the show to be like The Cosby's. An image of a black family so perfect you couldn't help but want to be just like them. Instead Blackish hits issues that I never allowed myself to experience. I laugh because somebody else feels my pain of not being "black" enough.

My went to an inner city public school. She vowed to create opportunities for us that she never had.

We've all gone to private, predominatly white schools. But, all three of us have been teased by black people for not being "black enough." Now that I'm older...smh I cant believe I fell for that.

Jared told me he also went through a phase where he didnt feel black enough. He said he was too "black" for the white kids and too "white" for the black kids.

Oh brother I understand I told him. In middle school, the black kids called me an "oreo." They said I may be black on the outside, but I was white on the inside.

Thankfully Jared and I laughed it off. Back in high school we were content with who we were. We stopped letting people tell us we werent black enough.

Jared and I thought Jordan had it easy. Basketball is universal, everyone will accept you. He's a nationally ranked high school basketball player. Just last year he lead his team to a state championship.

"I hate how I have to change my voice to talk to people," Jordan said. Meaning he feels the pressure of changing himself based on the people he is around.

Oh smh- here we go agian.

Look-there is no suh thing as being "blackish," you are your skin color. LOL other races dont look at us and say, "oh she isnt really black." That's silly.

So Jared and I broke it down for Jordan. "Brother, you are not less than or more than because of the color of your skin." Don't let anyone pull you down.

I can't wasit for the day when everyone is more unified. Let's stop tearing each other apart.

Remind yourself that being black is beautiful. We come from people that know struggle and how to overcome. If no one else knows the power of strength, black people do!

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