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In my short career, I've been to my fair share of homicide scenes.

We hear the shots fired call on the scanners, and then head to the scene. I can already tell you what we will most likely see. Crime tape, multiple police officers investigating the scene. Possibly some family members, clearly shaken up and watching officers every move hoping to quickly hear details. I also notice neighbors, most very curious- but many afraid to say what they heard - or what may've happen.

It's often a young black man, in the late teens or 20's who are victims of homicides. So far in St. Louis city- police say they've investigated 113 homicides that is far ahead of the 2013 average.

On Sunday my story was about a 35 year old woman who was shot and killed, she was found by police in the street. 2 hours later, police say her younger brother was shot about one block from where they found her. He was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Can you imagine getting that first call in the middle of the night- but then getting a second call? Now the family has 2 loved ones to bury.

One neighbor in the area told me he heard the shots fired. He said it sounded like a machine gun. The shooter would call the victim by name. "Hey Larry," then many shots were fired. The neighbor said he was so scared that he and his niece laid on the floor until they heard police outside.

Police say they still have no suspects in either case.

Even though I've been to countless scenes similar to these- I can still remember each one. What does it take to brake the chains that are holding my community down?


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